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Meshtivism Meshtivism Meshtivism Meshtivism Meshtivism Meshtivism Meshtivism Meshtivism



Meshtivism is a speculative manifesto, manual or “manualifesto” from a near future in which digital activists avoid the commercialized and surveillanced network we know as the internet and instead organize and collaborate via so called mesh networks, built and maintained by themselves.
Typefaces used include an early version of IP by a William Andersson and a generated version of Bespoke created with the Metaflop Modulator.



Tablet App

Typopa is a conceptual presentation tool designed for children and teachers in Swedish elementary schools. The application allows for users to easily compose images and texts for presentations on video projector or printout. Instead of having a traditional tool structure and layout, Typopa has a work process split into three modes; “Text & Typefaces”, “Photos & Illustrations”, and “Shapes & Symbols”, to keep focus on one type of element at the type. Included in the app is also large library of typefaces, images, and shapes, gathered from various public domain sources as well as original work from commissions to illustrators, photographers, and designers. Most resources are connected to subjects in the school curriculum.
Visit Typopas website (in Swedish). Thanks to Amanda Berglund, Sissela Jensen and Sofie Marklund for letting me use their illustrations in the demo.

GDI Movie Night GDI Movie Night GDI Movie Night

GDI Movie Night!

Identity & Posters

Posters and ticket invitations for a one-off film evening held at the department for graphic design and illustration at Konstfack University. The neon sign lettering is currently being expanded into a full display typeface.

The Left Hand of Darkness
The Left Hand of Darkness
The Left Hand of Darkness
The Left Hand of Darkness
The Left Hand of Darkness
The Left Hand of Darkness
The Left Hand of Darkness

The Left Hand
of Darkness

Animation & Title Design

Title sequence for a fictitious film adaptation of Ursula K. Le Guin’s groundbreaking novel The Left Hand of Darkness (1969). The story takes place on Gethen, a planet with semi-arctic climate, inhabited by people who live according to the philosophy of “shifgrethor”, a sort of cultural and linguistic concept not easily understood by an outsider. The literal translation of the word is “shadow” and the concept could be interpreted as a philosophy based on the relationship between lightness and darkness, hence the choice of a B/W color scheme.
The names of the director and the main cast are displayed using letterforms inspired by architectural descriptions in the novel. Houses and castles in the cities of Gethen are described as high and narrow and having slits for windows to stave off the cold. Inspired by this I created a set of modules for constructing windowlike letters. I later revisited the visual concept when creating a paperback jacket for a fictitious edition of the book.

Sweden Sans… Sweden Sans…

Sweden Sans…

Poster Series

A poster series and comment on Sweden’s role in the European migrant crisis by playing with the word “sans” in Sweden Sans (the typeface used). Sweden Sans is a part of Global brand Sweden, Sweden’s official brand identity program created by design agency Söderhavet. The typeface and branding sparked a minor debate regarding the idea of a typeface encompassing “swedishness” and the relationship between nation branding and nationalism.
The project isn’t intented as a direct criticism of the typeface or branding, but rather as a repurposing of a typeface created for promotional purposeses and instead using it to criticize the lack of solidarity for refugees in Swedish politics and society.
Sweden Sans is available for anyone to download via Identitytool Sweden.

Heart Stamps – Soup Bubbles Heart Stamps - The Five Elements Heart Stamps - Embrace


Postage Stamps

Three sets of stamps created in a course held by PostNord, the Swedish/Danish postal service. The brief was to design/illustrate stamps on the theme “heart”, a recurrent theme on Swedish stamps. The first set of stamps illustrate a soap bubble’s impossible transformation into the shape of a heart. The second set consists of hearts representing the four classic elements as well as the fifth element, also known as “æther” or “quintessence”. The third set of stamps is a form- and typography-based play on the word “embrace”.

Multiverse Multiverse Multiverse Multiverse Multiverse Multiverse Multiverse Multiverse Multiverse Multiverse


Editorial Design

Multiverse is a conceptual science fiction magazine covering the “speculative and spectacular” in literature, film and games. Each issue revolves around a theme which most of the content relates to in one way or another. The magazine aims to highlight work often missed or marginalized in mainstream sci-fi media and to bridge the gap between pop cultural magazines and academic science fiction journals.
Cover illustrations by Tor Weibull (Issue 1: Ideology), William Andersson (Issue 2: Communication) and Amanda Berglund (Issue 3: Food).

Swensk Souvenir Shop Swensk Souvenir Shop Swensk Souvenir Shop

Souvenir Shop


Concept for a souvenir shop run by Konstfack University. The shop sells tourist souvenirs created by students, which comment or critique on various ideas of Sweden and “swedishness”.

Legume Legume Legume Legume Legume


Book Design

A cookbook containing ten unnamed and nonillustrated recipes, each based on one out of ten different legumes (beans, peas and lentils).